A story of freshness

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A picture of Manuel, founder of manu toiletries


Hi there!

My name is Manuel de los Santos, and I'm the one machine behind the Manu Brand.

Nearly three years ago, my life turned upside down when diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia. After a long year of treatment, I survived, but with an extensive list of collateral issues on my body, such as high skin sensitivity to any chemicals or artificial ingredients commonly used in our daily bath, grooming, shave and skincare routine. What started as a problem pushed me to find a way to create natural products for myself, and without me knowing, I was giving shape to what I consider my new opportunity in life.
It has been a long last year until today, but I have enjoyed every moment of the process, and I can't wait to walk this journey, grow as a maker and meet amazing people out there again.  

Over time, a personal need became a hobby, and now it is my passion and daily job to create natural products for modern men in an artisan way.

"I hope you enjoy my products the same as I did in all the process of learning, formulating and testing them."

Manuel de los Santos Torres

Founder of MANU